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Lolita Flores


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Subject: Horny College Boys, Part 1It was a beautiful warm and sunny June day and I was looking through my
window at the fine view. I had been lucky in getting a room of my own in
the university hall of residence that overlooked the sea. My desk was
covered with open textbooks from which I had been taking notes. June was an
examination month and I was studying the current module hard. I had worked
solidly all morning and I needed a break.I was feeling quite horny and I put my hand down my shorts and felt my hot
cock swell. My boyfriend Ben was away on a field trip and I had not had any
sex for nearly Lolita Flores
a week. I began to jerk myself off thinking of him and his
massive cock. Just before I was ready to come, I heard a knock on my door.
Who was it, I wondered stuffing my cock back into my shorts?I opened the door and saw a good looking freshman standing outside dressed
only in a pair of gym shorts. I had seen him around but we had never spoken
to each other before."I'm sorry to disturb you," the guy said, "but I've run out of notepaper.
All my friends seem to be out. Would it be possible for you to lend me a
pad until I Lolita Flores get to the bookshop tomorrow?""Sure," I said. "I've got stacks. Come in for a moment."My visitor was a real dish. He had curly blond hair and piercing blue eyes."I've seen you many times before," I said to him, "but I don't know your
name." He told me that he was called Tom."I'm David," I said. "Sit down on the bed and I'll make us some coffee," I
suggested."Thanks David" he replied and we chatted for a Lolita Flores
while about our courses as
the kettle boiled.I looked closely at his attractive torso that was covered in fine blond
down. He was extremely well built and I soon began to get the hots for
him. We sipped the coffee and smiled at each other. And then my heart
jumped as I saw the tip of his stiff cock sticking out above the waistband
of his shorts."This warm weather makes me so horny," he said pulling down his shorts to
reveal more of his poker-stiff dick. My own cock hardened at the sight of
it."I know what you mean," I replied as I slipped out of my shorts to show Tom
my own massive hard-on."I'd like to suck that," he said in a whisper.I walked over to him and offered him my dick that already dripped with
pre-cum. He pulled back my foreskin and sucked the tip of my cock like a
lollipop."You're cock tastes really special," he said as he fondled my low hung
hairy balls."I want to suck you too," I whispered to him pulling down his shorts until
I could see all of his massive dick and enormous balls.We got down on each other in the sixty-nine position with myself on top and
sucked each other with our fingers in each other's holes. I soon spurted
into his mouth.My body quivered all over as I felt him swallow my cum before he carried on
sucking my cock harder than ever. Then I felt my mouth fill with his warm
sticky cream as his throbbing cock let rip.We laid together in each other's arms and licked the cum off each other's
chins."That was marvelous," I cried out and he gave me a grateful wet kiss.We dozed for a while with our legs intertwined. Tom was the first to stir."Have you had lunch yet?" he asked."Hell no," I said. I looked at my watch and saw that we only had ten
minutes before the refectory closed."I needed that," I said as I finished my meal."I'm always so hungry these days," Tom replied."It must be the sea air," I said and I smiled at him and put my hand on his
thigh. "It's far too hot to work this afternoon," I went on. "Would you
care to spend some time with me relaxing in my room?""I'd love to mate," he replied with a knowing smile and a wink. We both
started feeling horny again.I closed the door of my room and I felt Tom's arms squeeze around my chest."I want to fuck you," he whispered as he kissed the side of my neck.We got out of our shorts again and felt each other's throbbing cocks and
kissed each other deeply with desire."Take me from behind," I whispered.I bent over with my hands on my knees waiting for the thrill of his dick
inside me.He stood behind me and pulled back his foreskin and pushed his purple
glistening helmet into my hole. It was a tight fit and I felt my hole
twitch in delight as his throbbing dick entered me for the first time. He
grabbed my hips and pushed his cock right into me until I gasped with joy."That's so,so good." I whispered. "You're cock's on fire."He jerked my dick for a while and our balls dangled together."Squeeze my cock hard when I fuck you," he whispered as he started fucking
me with long slow strokes.It was heavenly. I squeezed down on him in rhythmic spasms. Then he fucked
me faster and faster with our balls clashing together at each inward stroke
until I felt his cock throb and spurt deep inside me. A wave of ecstasy
spread through his body Lolita Flores as he fucked on until he was completely spent.He withdrew his dick and I stood up and embraced him. We kissed
passionately and he finger fucked my hole tenderly and felt his cum dribble
out of it."My turn now," I whispered.I sat down at the edge of a chair with my balls dangling down and my
massive stiff cock in my hand."I'd like to fuck you sitting down on me," I said.Tom took some of his cum from my thighs and fingered it into his own
hole. He stood over my cock facing me and gently lowered himself onto it
groaning with pleasure as it slipped inside him. We kissed each other with
deep wet kisses. Then he put his hands on my broad shoulders and raised and
lowered his body."You lazy bastard," he whispered tenderly. "You've got me doing all the
fucking work.""It's wonderful," I said softly. "I had almost forgotten how to fuck this
way."I jerked his new erection with one hand and squeezed one of his Lolita Flores
with the other. He kissed me deeply again and increased his pace squeezing
his man-cunt down hard on my throbbing dick.
"Go for it!" I pleaded. "I'm close to coming."He bounced up and down quickly on my cock half a dozen times before it
throbbed and quivered inside him. He was quite out of breath when he felt
my cum dribble out of his hole and down his thighs.After he got up, I began to suck his cock with three fingers up his hole."More! More!" he cried as he placed his hands around my head and pulled it
towards him so that his cock hit the back of my throat. Within seconds his
dick pulsated and my mouth was filled with his tasty love juice. We lay on my bed and Tom licked his cum off my dribbling chin and then
he put his tongue into my mouth. I sucked it hard as he kissed my neck."I'm Lolita Flores glad that you ran out of notepaper," I said, "otherwise this afternoon
just wouldn't have happened.""Shit I've got stacks of the stuff," he chuckled. "I've had the hots for
you for a long time. It was the only way I could think of getting to know
you.""You crafty bastard!" I said to him with a smile. "You owe me one for
that."It was time for him to fuck me again.To be continued...Let me know what this story did for you at excaliber1021439aol.comRichard Allen

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